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Glory with Pastor Mae Rodgers

Infuse your day with the Word, Worship and praise. Listen in for some foot stomping, hand clapping feel good gospel music, preaching and information.

CEO & Mgr.

(252) 799-6745

Mae Rodgers is not a stranger to the field of radio management, announcing or sales. She began her work in the Lumberton, NC area some 30 plus years ago. She has worked in country music as well as oldies, however, her love for the Gospel music outweighed them all.  

Any listener can tell you, "There is three things that she knows - I love the Lord, I love gospel music, I love you - and you can't do a thing about it." This is her mantra, she has stated for many many years. The theme song for the Vine Connection, written by Clyde Felton, Jr was based on the fact that she loves everybody and when in any room with her you will find that this is definitely true.

The station became a dream come true thanks to our God on June 1, 2013.

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